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Home Birth and Midwives in the News! June 24, 2009

Today I read an article on, the website for the newspaper The Journal Gazette based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana that really gave me the warm and fuzzies.  


The article is entitled For some, life begins at homeby Emma Downs and it tells the story of a local family that researched, planned, and ultimately had a positive and empowering home birth after a dis-empowering hospital birth with many interventions.  The article also touches on the growing demand for home births that some midwives are reporting in many communities and how for families that chose home birth, it is about personal responsibility and research and most importantly, informed choice.  I really liked this article as opposed to other articles I have read on home birth in other major media outlets because it just tells it like it is without over-sensationalizing it.  A GREAT read!


Thank you to Christina from the Massachusetts Friends of Midwives Blog for alerting me to this story!


5 Responses to “Home Birth and Midwives in the News!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Thanks for sharing the article!

    “It was beautiful. We had the baby the same way we made it,” Hickey says. “Just two idiots, in our own house.”

    I love this quote. I’m completely for having a home birth, but I don’t think my husband would be up for it. At least we’ve got a great midwife and a hospital that supports natural birthing (and water birth!).

  2. Indiana Resident Says:

    Now if only it would give the Indiana Senate the warm fuzzies…

    I’m up for a hospital birth in 2 weeks, after having a glorious homebirth in another state a couple of years ago. Sure hope articles like this help turn the tide here in Indiana. We Indiana mommas would love more options!

    • nursingbirth Says:

      Indiana Resident…I agree with you that I hope that this article can spark some change!! Good luck with your upcoming birth experience! I wish for you to have a positive and empowering one! (Although I am saddened that you cannot have the homebirth you want because of the lack of choices in your community. I hear that too often in so many situations: VBAC, twins, spontaneous labor, natural birth, birth center, etc etc!!) So frustrating!

  3. Thanks so much for posting the homebirth article! We were so thrilled to have such a positive article here in Fort Wayne. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the story of my daughter’s birth. She’s nine now and was excited to have her birth story featured in the article. And by the way, I didn’t expect her to put the “two idiots” comment in the article! 😉

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