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I Think I Owe You All An Explanation…. August 31, 2009

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Dear NursingBirth,

Is everything ok in L&D land? We miss your inspiring, educational posts!

Hope you are good-busy and not bad-busy!





Dear NursingBirth,

The blogosphere misses you greatly!  I check [at least] daily for a new post.  From all the details you provide in each post, I’m sure there’s a lot of research and other work involved, and I’m sure you can’t just slap up another entry whenever you feel like it.  Please know that every effort you put into your blog is GREATLY APPRECIATED, and I, among many others, really look forward to all you have to say.  Please don’t stop writing!





Dear NursingBirth,

Hope all is well in your corner of the world. I’m sure you’ve been busy, but just want to let you know you’re missed! 🙂





Dear NursingBirth,

I miss your posts! Hope everything is ok. Post soon!





Okay, so I think I owe you all an explanation!  Here it goes…..


First off I just want all my readers to know that I have missed you too!!!!!  August has been one hell of a month for me.  So much so that I just couldn’t/didn’t write.  Here are some reasons why:





August is by far the WORST month for my hospital’s labor & delivery ward.  As many of you know, I work 11am till 11:30pm three days a week.  For the last four weeks I have been taken off my “weekend on” to work more during the week.  Sounds great at first but in reality it kinda stinks.  Why?  Because (usually) the weekends are a lot more manageable than the weekdays since there are one-third as many scheduled inductions and no scheduled cesareans.  It seemed like everyday that I have worked the last four weeks has at some point turned into a hellish nightmare.  Many many days we have had every one of our 21 labor beds full.  One day in early August we had 22, that’s right TWENTY TWO deliveries in one day! 


Let me give you an example.  I assisted with the delivery of FOUR babies on my birthday!  I punched in at 11am and was looking at the fetal heart rate strip screen and noticed that a patient was having a whopping decel in room 16 so I ran in the room to help her nurse.  Turns out I was the only one who noticed and therefore ended up in an emergency cesarean section!!  Once I got out of that, the charge nurse asked me to “keep an eye” on the patient in room 19 for her nurse who was having some issue with her other patient in another room.  (Ha!!  Yeah right!!)  Well I walked into the room to introduce myself and the patient was, you guessed it, uncontrollably pushing.  Twenty minutes later she birthed her baby almost into my hands since the doctor couldn’t get his gloves fast enough!!!  I recovered that patient and sent her downstairs and before my little hinny could sit down to grab a quick bite of lunch the charge nurse told me that a multiparous patient was coming over from the office at 6cm in labor.  So onward again to another birth!!!  Come 10pm I was beat but found myself patientless.  I thought since there was only 1 more hour in my shift that I would be able to FINALLY eat some dinner and sit down. I walked over to the secretary to tell her I was going to lunch and guess what rolled up to the desk!  An ambulance stretcher carrying a Somalian woman (gravida 8 para 7) with the head crowning.  I immediately wheeled her into the closest room and she had the baby before we could even more her from the stretcher to the bed.  Oh and guess what!  She didn’t speak a lick of English.  I couldn’t even properly introduce myself!!  (Sorry again to the ambulance team who had to clean off that stretcher!!!!)


See what I mean!?!?


Work has been so bad that I am often called in on my days off to come in and help and so I also have been working a lot more overtime than I usually do.  But as much as I enjoy the extra money as Christmas is swiftly approaching, I am really looking forward to September!!!


As a side note:  ATTENTION ALL EXPECTING MOTHERS!!!  Please by God PLEASE keep a water bottle with you at all times and make sure that you drink AT LEAST 8-10 glasses of water (or other soups or non-alcoholic liquids) a day during these hot and humid summer days.  It seems like almost half of our triage patients per day are coming to us contracting (some in threatened preterm labor) related to dehydration.  So if you pee into the toilet and the water looks as yellow as a Juicy Fruit package then you are NOT DRINKING ENOUGH!!!




I don’t know if this has been many others’ experience this year but where I live, summer doesn’t hit us until August.  And this year it has been really crappy out.  It has pretty much been cloudy, cool, and rainy/stormy from April through July.  But once August hit we finally started to see the sunshine around here!!!   Every time I would sit down to write I would just look outside and think, “I can’t stay in here!  It’s beautiful out!!”  So I would go outside and sit in the sun,  do some much needed yard work or gardening, or take the dog on long walks with my husband.  The bad news:  Yesterday it was 60 degrees, cool, cloudy, windy, and rainy all day.  I guess that was it for summer 😦   The good news:  Looks like I’ll be getting a lot more writing done!




Almost every weekend that I have had off for the past 6 weeks has been spent entertaining visiting family or friends and or visiting family and friends!  It has been a blast but then again, hasn’t left much time for me to write.




I recently attended a three day workshop through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) to start the process obtaining my certification as a lactation educator!  I am very excited about this as I really feel that it will enhance my ability to educate and assist all my breastfeeding moms as a labor and delivery nurse.  I have been keeping busy on my days off with lots of reading about breastfeeding, so much so that I am surprised I haven’t started lactating myself!!!




Boy was I wrong!!!  As you can see from some of the letters I posted above, my inbox has been flooded with emails from readers in the last two weeks checking in on me 🙂  One reader thought that I had been “outed” and had to abandon the site and never look back!!  (And with the recent stories about “outing” bloggers in the news, I can see how she was worried!)  The good news is that I have not flown the coop!!  And now I am back in action ready and excited for the upcoming weeks!  It’s kinda like you all are my old friends that I haven’t seen in a while and I feel like jumping up and down and squealing, “OMG!  I have soooooooooo much to tell you!!!” 


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the letters of encouragment.  It has really really revitalized me and reminded me of how much this silly blog means to me 🙂


All My Best,


aka “NursingBirth”