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NursingBirth makes TOP 50 Best Blogs List!!! September 7, 2009

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Good news everyone!!!  (Any Futurama fans out there?  Anyone?  Haha!)


Last month NursingBirth was included in’s 50 Best Blogs for Neonatal Nurses!  I am in good company too as some of my favorite blogs made the list including: At Your Cervix, Stork Stories, Birthing Beautiful Ideas, Stand and Deliver, The Unnecesarean, Our Bodies Our Blog, Pushed Birth, Enjoy Birth Blog, Woman to Woman Childbirth Education, and Science and Sensibility just to name a few!  Check out my blog roll to the right for links to any of these blogs!


50 Best Blogs for Neonatal Nurses


The cool thing is that while I don’t think the numbers actually mean anything, I was ranked #17 which happens to be my FAVORITE number!  (That’s right, I have a favorite number.  And a favorite color too!  ….it’s purple if you were wondering!!) 


Thanks to all my readers for reading!!  I certainly wouldn’t have made the list if it wasn’t for you!!!  Last time I checked I had 84,552 hits to my blog since I started in February.  WOW!!!!  You all amaze me on a daily basis!!


All My Best,



aka “NursingBirth”


21 Responses to “NursingBirth makes TOP 50 Best Blogs List!!!”

  1. Jill Says:

    Congrats! LMAO at #2, though. A critical look at obstetrics? Did they even read the blog?

  2. Jill Says:

    HUZZAH!!! And you totally deserve it! Your blog is the kind of stuff I wish I had come across when I was “learning” about birth during my first pregnancy. Those “what to expect” books really just don’t cut it!

  3. wb Says:

    Awesome for you! Yuck that Dr. Amy and her scare tactics are #2, but so many of the others are great blogs too.

  4. wb Says:

    Ooops! Your link has a double Http:// which makes it broken!

  5. morgan Says:

    Congratulations! I enjoy reading quite a few of the blogs on that list, including yours : )

  6. Joy Says:

    Congratulations!!! It’s well deserved, too. Because your blog happens to be my favorite L&D blog, personally!

    And purple is my all-time fave color, too! ROCK ON!

  7. Dou-la-la Says:

    Congrats! Well-done and much deserved! Is it terrible that my next thought (after “YAY for Nursing Birth”!) was an eyeroll at the S.O.B.?

    Ooo, so many of my favorites are on there. I’ll have to check out some of the others I see there that are new to me.

  8. Kateisfun Says:

    Congratulations! Yours is my favorite, by far. Thanks for all the work you put into your writing.

  9. daniellemathieu Says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom! I am particularly interested in the “Don’t let this happen to you series”. Especially as I discovered this article about my local hospital where I am due to give birth. I ‘d be keen to hear your verdict on this.

    • NursingBirth Says:

      daniellemathieu, THANK YOU!! And as far as the article, I have so many mixed emotions about that. First off, I have no experience with forceps, not one of the doctors I work with uses them. Second, my heart goes out to this family. Third, situations like this never result in good (i.e. an evaluation of the situation and what truly went wrong so it doesnt happen again to any other family) but rather almost always results in bad (i.e. defensive, not evidenced based medicine adn a skyrocketing “prophylactic’ cesarean rate). Very very very sad.

  10. Zoey Says:

    Congratulations! I love reading your blog.

  11. Renee Says:

    Congrats! Your blog has been quite an inspiration to me, and though we have put off plans for our #2, I’ll still be reading! Hopefully later down the road we will try again and hopefully you’ll still be here blogging and enlightening!

  12. Jill Says:

    I came back to see if the link was fixed, my dumb butt didn’t notice the double http so I didn’t know what the problem was. I was so happy for you I didn’t even notice our favorite doctor at #2. That’s just silly. What is a neonatal nurse supposed to learn from a blog vilifying those ku-raaaaaazy homebirthers?

  13. MomTFH Says:

    Congrats to you, and LOLSOB at Dr. Amy.

  14. ejuliot Says:

    Holy mole, I just started reading the Skeptical Ob blog thinking it was an OB questioning modern birth practices. ALL homebirthers and midwives are narcissistic?! HUH!?
    Thank you for your blog it is a very informative read. I am glad that someone is out there proving the Skeptical OB to be the narcissist. 😉

  15. Meg W, RN Says:

    congrats! you are number one in my book!

  16. StorkStories Says:

    I’m on there too??? Amazing~ I write more stories than educational pieces. You are by far more informative!! You are my favorite. Loving that you got back in to the house to write again! LOL.
    ~The other Melissa

  17. I want to say how, the the Nth degree, did Amy Nutbag Tuteur make it on that list?!?!? That horrifies me. Absolutely horrifies me. One of her latest posts about how moms how are scarred by their traumatic births are “narcissists” makes me want to punch her in the throat.

    But kudos to you.

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