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“Major” Momma: Kim Clijsters Wins U.S. Open!! September 14, 2009

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CONGRATULATIONS to tennis champion Kim Clijsters of Belgium who made history last night after an AMAZING comeback post two year hiatus to become the first unseeded woman to win the  U.S. Open!  The crazy thing is is that Clijsters didn’t even have a ranking coming into this tournament because she hadn’t played enough tournaments to get on the list.  Not only was Clijsters an underdog, but she is a mother and in fact is the first mother to win a major since 1980!


However seems like Google’s “Did You Mean” genie is a little bit sexist.  Hahaha!  Look what came up as a suggestion when I searched for this story to link to:

  first mom to win tennis


I just love reading about strong, empowered, focused, driven, successful women, and when those women happen to be moms too, it is just the icing on the cake!!  After the match ESPN quoted Clijsters as saying, “It’s the greatest feeling in the world being a mother.  I just can’t wait to spend next the few weeks with [my daughter] and have her routine schedule at home again.” 


Being that Clijsters is only two months older than me I have to admit that reading this story is a good kick in the pants for me to step up my workout routine!!  I mean, I know I am no “pro” but I could still stand to shave a few second off my 5K time!!


Just a little sprinkle of inspiration for your day!


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