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USA Today Weighs In On Homebirth September 17, 2009

On Monday, USA TODAY, a national American daily newspaper that has the widest circulation of any newspaper in the U.S., published an article entitled For some women, no place like home for childbirth by Rita Rubin.  As usual, I was worried when I clicked on the link as typically when mainstream media gets a hold on the “home birth debate” it gets ugly.  (Case in point: see The Perils of Midwifery.  Please don’t get me STARTED on that GARBAGE!!)  However Rubin’s article was pretty alright. 


First of all the couple highlighted in the piece had a beautiful homebirth experience.  (What?  You mean it wasn’t a horrible regrettable disaster!?!)  Second she actually interviews and quotes a homebirth midwife in the article .(What a novel idea!! You mean it is responsible journalism to actually interview midwives when writing an article on them!)  And thirdly she ends on a positive note with a quote from Alice Bailes, a certified nurse midwife who attends homebirths in Virginia, “We get to see one normal birth after another.”


Although the article didn’t get away with writing about home births without quoting ACOG’s mantra “Home deliveries are for pizza”, I think this article did a pretty good job for mainstream media.  Thanks Rubin!  You give me hope!


19 Responses to “USA Today Weighs In On Homebirth”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    It is time for me to go to bed… I saw “Virginia” and read “vagina”!!!!

  2. Joy Says:

    It’s a step in the right direction!!! I hope other journalists follow in her footsteps.

  3. One of our L&D Nurses is also a nursing instructor. Today she was showing the “Business of Being Born” to all her OB nursing students. There is hope!

  4. Dou-la-la Says:

    ^^ NICE, Reality Rounds!

    I saw this USA Today piece too, and was also pleasantly surprised! Sure was a breath of fresh air after the perils of the Today Show.

  5. Sharon M Says:

    So glad to see that there are mainstream articles written on hone births that don’t cater to the usual tactics of fear and intimidation. It’s like they (journalists, and, IMO the AMA and ACOG) don’t realize that midwives CAN and WILL refer a patient out to an OBGYN if there are high risks associated with the pregnancy, or will send them to the hospital if there are complications during the birth. Grrr….

  6. Well, sure, home deliveries are for pizza and newspapers. Home BIRTHS on the other hand are for responsible and caring families who have chosen the peace of their own homes to bring forth new life.

  7. Aron Says:

    I’ll see ACOG’s mantra and raise it with the mantra of one of my fave midwives: “Babies are BORN. Pizzas are delivered.”

    • EXACTLY, Aron!!!

      What I especially like about the article is that although Rubin notes ACOG’s concerns re: postpartum hemorrhage, etc., she follows that up with Bailes’s personal statistics re: hospital transfer for excessive blood loss (6 or 7 out of 3500 women). So Rubin shows that midwives *can* and *do* address emergencies when they arise at home.

      And, of course, I really like what Rubin uses as her last line: “We get so see one NORMAL birth after another.” Now THAT’s the sort of thing you want the reader to be thinking about after finishing this article!!!

  8. Yes, I have to admit my surprise. I didn’t think that out of all the mainstream media USA Today would have been the one to put out a fairly evenly presented article. Kudos! Hopefully, more will follow.

  9. Melissa Says:

    Yea! A little flicker of positive can go a long way…

  10. Jill Says:

    WOOHOO!!! It’s so nice to see some responsible journalism for a change! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

  11. Katherine Says:

    Woohoo! Alice is one of my midwives! 🙂 She didn’t catch my little guy, but we love her!!

  12. Lori Says:

    Excellent article. Alice Bailes attended the birth of my second baby! Love her and all the midwives at BirthCare!!!

  13. Diana J. Says:

    Thanks! I’ve linked to it!

  14. Mary Says:

    I went to college with Mara and Brandon Vaughan. Yes, they did have a beautiful home birth experience! I was disappointed that the article wasn’t all it SHOULD have been, but glad that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

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