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Midwife and Author of “Silent Knife” in the News! September 25, 2009

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So first the USA Today article and now this!  Is it too good to be true?  Is the media finally starting to come around to writing about homebirth without sensationalized headlines, damning quotes from disapproving docs, and horror stories of homebirths gone wrong?  Well if I keep stumbling upon articles like this one from Wicked Local Needham (a companion website to The Needham Times) it certainly won’t be too good to be true! 


The article is titled simply: Needham midwife helps moms give birth at home.   Writted by journalist Steven Ryan, the piece highlights homebirth midwife and author of the book Silent Knife: Cesarean Prevention and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean(VBAC) Nancy Wainer of Birth Day Midwifery Care.  The article is absolutely fantastic, not because it is a stunning literary masterpiece, but because it is a simple, well written feature on a homebirth midwife.  Ryan gives a brief history of why Wainer is where she is today, speaks to her many years of experience and education and rounds out the piece with many great quotes from happy and satisfied home birth clients. 


My favorite quote was this:


“Milly Ramsey described the birth as intense, but doesn’t regret her decision to have the baby naturally and at home.


‘I was very comfortable at home,’ Ramsey said. ‘It was intense. I was out of it when he was born but I felt very supported. I felt like I wasn’t alone … The best part was I got to hold him on my belly all slippery and wet and they didn’t take him away. He stayed with me.'”


Thank you Wicked Needham Local for a great pick-me-up before I head off to work!  Oh and by the way, LOVE the name of your website!


Thanks to Christina at the Massachusetts Friends of Midwives blog and my google reader for alerting me to this article!!


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