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Connecticut Docs & Midwives Speak Out For Midwifery! October 16, 2009

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Yesterday the Connecticut newspaper New Haven Register published an opinion piece entitled “Media out of focus on midwifery” by Holly Powell Kennedy, CNM, Charles J. Lockwood, MD, and Edmund Funai, MD and I have to say, I am very very pleased to read such a focused, well-reasoned, supportive article on birth choice, the safety of homebirth, and the need for hospitals around this country to step up and better meet the needs of birthing families!  And for it to be written by two obstetricians and a certified nurse midwife….its just too good to be true!!


Favorite quotes of mine include:


  • “Women are not seeking “designer” births. They are looking for humanistic care during pregnancy, labor and birth and are increasingly having difficulty finding that in many hospitals.”


  • “It is essential that women are provided with the opportunity to have a supported and safe birth. This means protecting them from preventable harm, and ensuring that clinicians are skilled in appropriate low intervention care and know when it is necessary to intervene.”


  • “While midwives and obstetricians will continue to debate the safety and appropriateness of home birth, less controversial is the fact that some women seek to give birth in alternative settings because they do not see hospitals as meeting their needs.”



Yes, Yes, and YES!


Thanks to Christina at the Massachusetts Friends of Midwives Blog posting about this article!  What a great start to my day!!


11 Responses to “Connecticut Docs & Midwives Speak Out For Midwifery!”

  1. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I’d like to tell you about Worst to First. Lead by Danielle and Michele
    I’m a CT resident, and specifically in my area I’m appalled by how hospitals act towards natural birthing mothers. It’s so frustrating to me just as a doula, I can’t imagine what it must feel like for the moms. They’ve compiled a list of hospital c-section and episiotomy rates. They’re doing an excellent job advocating for women and families!

    “The goals of Connecticut Worst to First is to help improve Connecticut’s maternity care by lowering the rates of cesarean, episiotomy and other interventions for the year 2010, in each hospital state wide.

    We also advocate alternative birthing positions other than the classic lithotomy position. “

    • Renee Says:

      I am from CT as well and have contacted Danielle about this. Are you going to the meeting in November?

      • no, sorry, i won’t be. it’s a bit of a drive for me.

        • Renee Says:

          Me too, I’m up in Enfield. It was too far for night time last time, but I’ll stick it out in the day time. Good chance for DD and DH to hang out. How long have you been a doula for? I’ve been really thinking about becoming one lately.

          • (sorry to hijack your thread nursingbirth!)

            I became certified in 2007, I also certified as a Hypnobabies instructor in 2007. =)
            I’m not as active as I’d like to be with it, mainly because I was pregnant when I certified! lol (baby born in feb 08)
            And now I’m pregnant again. (due in feb 2010) lmao

  2. Renee Says:

    Not only 2 OB’s, but the chairman of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale University School of Medicine and chief of obstetrics, Yale-New Haven Hospital, and co-chief, Section of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine. So great to hear this from someone in their position!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Is it possible that the medical community is starting to listen….here’s another great article along the same lines

    Here’s another cool thing…many of the new nurses we are now hiring at our hospital are wanting and seeking out ways of helping moms birth naturally.

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