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NursingBirth is on the MOVE! October 28, 2009

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moving van

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will not be posting for a week or so since last time I went missing (in August) I almost had a few readers call in a “missing persons” report on me!  My husband and I are moving to a new state so that we may both pursue better job opportunities.  I am very excited about this change and will be sure to keep you all in the loop once we are more settled.

All My Best,



46 Responses to “NursingBirth is on the MOVE!”

  1. Holly Says:

    Best wishes an good luck to you and your husband! We can’t wait for your next post!

  2. Molly Says:

    I hope this move – moves you closer to being a mom yourself! Cant wait for you to join the club 😉

  3. Kelly Says:

    Good luck with the move, and with the new job opportunities! Moving out of state is a lot of work, so you deserve to take some time off from the blog to devote to this important time! We’ll be waiting to hear how everything goes with the move and new job and for your next post after you settle in! Thanks for the heads up and for your wonderful blog!

  4. Katherine Says:

    Best of luck in your new adventure! 🙂

  5. briome Says:

    Where are you moving? Closer to me I hope!

  6. Amy Says:

    Good luck! If your move brings you to Connecticut, come find me!

  7. Renee Says:

    Aw, good luck! We’ll be waiting for your return!

  8. Annapolitan Says:

    Best of luck with the move. Look forward to seeing you again once you’re settled.

  9. Krista Says:

    ooooh, a new job…..that should bring some *good* blog material! ;o)

  10. Best of luck in your big move! I know that the birthing community in your city will be sad to see you go, but you have a whole host of birthing advocates and women in your new home who should be THRILLED to have you there! Can’t wait to hear more about what you learn/see/do there.

  11. Jessica Says:

    Best of luck with your move! Can’t wait to hear about your new job and I hope that this will be a great change for you and your husband! 🙂

  12. cat Says:

    i hope you are coming back! i just discovered your blog and can’t wait to read more!

  13. name Says:

    It’s been a while. Everything ok?

  14. Joy Says:

    I miss you!!!!!!

  15. Sharon M Says:

    Hope you’re getting settled in your new place. We miss your posts — please come back, maybe after the holidays?

    Have a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year.

  16. Rebekah Says:

    A week or so, huh? 🙂 Come back soon!!!

  17. Sarah Says:

    I hope your move went well. Would love to hear an update that all is OK with you.

  18. student nurse Says:

    Please come back, we miss you…….

  19. Liz Says:

    I check back every now and then and nothing 😦 …. I really miss reading your blog. I hope you are doing well though!

  20. Tina Says:

    Hope you come back soon and that all is well. I love reading your blog!

  21. wb Says:

    You are missed 🙂

  22. Kelly Says:

    Hi Nursing Birth!

    Hope you still plan to come back after you settle in from your move- we miss your great posts!

    Also, just wanted to say thank you -again- for posting about my comment awhile back (, and to update you that I had a successful VBAC! Thanks for your suggestions, resources, and support!

    Hugs and best wishes, Kelly

  23. Kelly Says:

    Dear Nursing birth,

    Good luck settling in after your move! We’re looking forward to more of your excellent posts!

    Thank you again for posting about my comment:
    You have been an excellent information resource as well as just the right kind of emotional support!

    Also thought I’d let you know I did have a successful VBAC!


  24. Jessica Says:

    Missing you! Hope all is well in your corner of the world!

  25. HeatherDoula Says:

    We miss you!! Please update soon!

  26. Doula Ann Says:

    Just to let you know you are really missed. Hope the move went well. Come back to us soon!

  27. val Says:

    oh no :o( where arrrre you?
    I hope the move went well.

  28. cna training Says:

    Seriously, I’m considering filing a missing person’s report of you! It’s been too long… When are you back up online? Your loyal readers are missing you..

  29. KG Says:

    Long time lurker just wondering if you are ever coming back 😦

  30. Nicole Says:

    Come back! We still care!

  31. Emily Says:

    Miss your posts! I’m sure you’ve been busy, but maybe just check in and say “I’m still alive”? 🙂

  32. Ashley Says:

    I keep checking in to see if you’ve updated. Hope all is well!

  33. Amy Romano Says:

    Just dropped by to look up an old post and thought I’d add my voice to the choir of people saying, “you are missed!” 🙂

  34. Doula Ann Says:

    Really missing your posts! Come back soon. Hope the move went well.

  35. Blair Says:

    Really missing your blog posts! I come here probably once a week to check back and I refer friends here often! I hope you are doing ok!

  36. Renee Says:

    I miss you too! You are still my favorite blog and I hope all is well with you. I check every night hoping for an update!

  37. Kelly Says:

    Just wanted to tell you I just started a new chapter of ICAN, International Cesarean Awareness Network! Please welcome ICAN of Northeast Iowa! Thank you Nursing Birth for helping me on my journey to a successful VBAC!
    Sincerely, Kelly

  38. Mama to Monkeys Says:

    I hope you are ok!

  39. Angie Says:

    It’s been 6 months Nursingbirth! Are you ever coming back??

  40. Liz Says:

    Still checking back… 🙂

  41. L Says:

    Okay, the jig is up, I SAW you comment on ^Kelly’s birth story on her blog. I know you’re out there! Please come back!

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