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Coming Soon: Free Movie “Reducing Infant Mortality” July 1, 2009


Thanks to Maria at the Massachusetts Friends of Midwives Blog, I just stumbled across a a trailer for a new documentary that will be FREE to view on July 26, 2009.  The video is titled “Reducing Infant Mortality and Improving the Health of Babies” and is sponsored by the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute Center for Clinical Studies and Rearch. 


Watch the trailer here!



As stated on the website, “This free film will be a tool for everyone to use to draw attention to infant mortality and health issues as national health care policy is debated on Capitol Hill.”


The movie’s official website also reads:

The current US Health Care System is failing babies and families before, during and after birth. At this critical moment when the US government is re-envisioning our health care system, we are seizing the opportunity to make a 10-12 minute video not only to point out the flaws in the way we care for babies and families, but also to identify the keys to improved care. Our infant mortality ranking is 42nd on the world stage which means 41 countries have better statistics. This places us right in the middle of the following countries: Guam, Cuba, Croatia and Belarus, with over double the infant deaths compared to the top 10 countries of the world. (CIA World Factbook).

Our astronomically high African American infant mortality rate at 16 deaths per 1,000 is similar to countries such as Malaysia and the West Bank. Not only are babies dying needlessly, but the ones who survive this failing system are also often adversely affected by unnecessary procedures and separation from mother and family. Our intent with this video is to encourage policy makers to consider a health care system that holds prevention of these calamities as a high priority.  The midwifery model of care for healthy low-risk women is a simple solution which addresses many of these issues simultaneously.

We are advocating for a health care system in which it will be standard procedure for mothers and babies to thrive and not merely survive through birth and early life. The midwifery model of care will save our health care system millions of dollars each year.

To read about the credentials of the experts you see in the film’s trailer please visit  About the Film  and scroll to the bottom.


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